Why is Catholic Church not helping Humanity?

Not only is the Catholic religion problematic but also an entire Christianity! The problem reside in the salvation doctrine based on salvation by an external agency, the assumption that such “salvation” is even necessary, and in promotion of toxic ideas based on fear, powerlessness and a cult of sacrifice.

[in Polish]

Nie tylko Katolicyzm ale i całe Chrześcijaństwo jest problematyczne! Problem tkwi w doktrynie zbawienia poprzez agencję zewnętrzną, zakładając też, że jest to w ogóle potrzebne, propagując toksyczne idee strachu, bezsilności i kultu ofiary.


Germans, Czechs and Poles – one Commonwealth that was divided & destroyed by imposing false national and linguistic identities!



Entire Central Europe including people known today as Germans, Poles, Czechs and other, lived in a unified Commonwealth/Confederate state of a similar structure to modern Swiss Confederation, called Leh/Reich, that was destroyed by Tatar invasion followed by the Holy Roman Empire conquest about 1000 years ago.

Germany: The biggest part of Leh/Reich was Germany: Germans have been imposed the false national identity twice, which completely wiped out their (our) true ancient history and true ethnicity. First about 1000 years ago, they have been latinised, feudalised and Christianised by the Holy Roman Empire and the Catholic Church. About 500 years ago Germany was again imposed a false national identity using the newly invented/codified Hochdeutsch language during the Reformation period by the Lutheran Evangelical Church, which standardised the new official language while at the same time wiped out the previous local languages, mostly Slavic, Dutch and other dialects.

Poland and Czechia (Moravia): – Poles and Czechs have been latinised, feudalised and Christianised like Germans, also about 1000 years ago during the Holy Roman Empire crusades and conquests, but their local dialects and languages were not wiped out because the influence of the Roman Catholic Church and the reformed Christian offshoots like Hussite, Calvinist and other movements were not as strong and as entrenched as in Germany and were not as focused on the language as Martin Luther was.

The trace of the common history of Europe lies in our genetics, which I will list in the order of the migration of the so-called “Caucasian” tribes from the East (Asia) going Westwards, beginning about 7500 years ago with the first haplogroup “I”:

I = true oldest “germanic” people (nowadays mostly Dutch-Deutsch, Danish-Datske, other Scandinnavian, and Illyrian along Danube river in Austria, Serbia and Romania)

R1b = West Slavic (Venedan, Vandal, Celts, Gaul),

R1a = East Slavic (known as: Scythian, Sarmatians, Ląchy, Laiken, Polanie)

References and links:


Click to access WorldHaplogroupsMaps.pdf

Click to access WorldHaplogroupsMaps.pdf


Scenario of destruction

This information came yesterday during meditation. Consider it as an alternative interpretation of known history. This is not a revision of history but rather a revision of an interpretation of history.

Planned destruction of the United States:

1911-1913 Establishment of the Federal Reserve resulting in large and intentional (planned) fluctuations within the US financial system. Period of credit crunch (1918-1920) were interleaved with the periods of credit expansion (1925-28) that fueled the property and stock market bubbles. 1928-30 large stock sell-off precipitated by Rockefeller family and other oligarchs. The funds taken out of the US stock and property were transferred and reinvested into Weimar Republic, Soviet Union’s steel plants and in Imperial Japan. The plan was directed at dismantling of the British Empire and the United States, by strengthening the potential adversaries of it, that is Germany, Soviet Union and Japan. When Roosevelt won the US presidential election in 1930, he begun actively implementing a “grand plan” of destruction that was based on weakening the US economy army and navy to the point when it would be taken over by Japan by the 1940-ties. When the US recovered from the recession by 1933, the US president reset it back into a steep decline by confiscating private gold then devaluing the US dollar. US gold was then, again, like in 1929, loaned to Germany (to Hitler), to the Soviet Union to allow Stalin rearm the Red army, and also invested in the Japanese industry. According the original plan.

The Cabal’s plan to destroy the United States was messed up by Hitler, beginning around 1936 when he attempted to forge a pact with the British king Edward VIII to but this was preempted by the British establishment, by forcing the king to abdicate. The Hitler turning against the Cabal became evident by 1938 in Munich, and by signing a pact with Stalin that preempted a planned Stalin aggression. Then by attacking the Soviet Union in June 1941, preempting Stalin take over of Europe from Ural to Gibraltar, as Wiktor Suvorov wrote in his book “Icebreaker”. It is interesting to note that the French government must have known of the Cabal’s “grand plan” since they surrendered to Hitler considering him to be a lesser threat than Stalin.

It has been stated by military historians [Bartosiak, Suvorov add more refs] that By 1938, Soviet land army and air force were stronger than German, French, British, Italian and Spanish armies all put together.

Hitler’s turning around after 1938 and especially after his attack against Stalin in June 1941 forced president Roosevelt of the United States to change his plans. Roosevelt initially allowed Japanese to destroy the entire United States fleet in Pearl Harbor, as planned, which happened in December 1941, but when Hitler declared war against the US also in December 1941, then the Cabal that stood behind president Roosevelt, realized that if they allow the US to fall by Japanese hands, then Hitler will most certainly win the war resulting in the Cabal’s loss of power. It is quite possible that Hitler knew of the Cabal’s “grand plan” but it is hard to prove it. His confidence in the initial stage of the WWII may be indicative that he knew of the “grand plan”.

The change of Cabal’s plans meant that Roosevelt;’s administration allowed the US industry to recover by unthrottling the financial system and placing gigantic military orders domestically, to revive the manufacturing. In addition the Cabal reconsidered their plans of undermining the British Empire (to a certain extent) and the US begun massively supplying the Soviet Union and Britain with the industrial and military materials.

The subsequent US administration continued the policy of allwong the US industry and army to grow until 1963-1964 when a major change in policy has been implemented by the US Democratic Party elite which seemed to have returned to the Rooseveltian style undermining of the United States industry and military. What looks like the Vietnam war was most likely an intentional attempt at exhausting the US military and undermine the public support, by making them fight the futile wars and loosing them. The subsequent Gulf wars and Afghanistan wars seemed to have served the same intention.

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Scriptural & ritualistic beliefs promote negative selection

The reason is that ritual-based and scripture-based belief systems (religions, but also communism, nazism etc) allow psychopaths to promote themselves upwards through the societal ladder by the simple “fake virtue” signalling, consisting of regular attendance of rituals, prayers and memorizing the prescribed scriptures or doctrines. Conversely, the societies whose ranking is determined by real skills (including psychic skills) favor positive selection where the more skilled and able individuals tend not only to get elected to higher positions but are also naturally more wealthy. Real skills are much more difficult to fake or pretend, and in the society dominated by the real achievers, the pretenders can be easily recognized by their failures or be called out by other people in the similar positions. The main problem with the scriptural based beliefs and generally, with the systems based on the written material and institutionalized credentials, is that such systems tend to be:

*** Self-Destructive and Fragile ***

If we focus on spirituality and the priesthood as an example, it is virtually impossible to tell apart a sincere well-intentioned priest from a fake or criminal one because there are no practical criteria to test. For instance, both would say the mass the same way and thus there is no way to tell them apart.

On the other hands, the societies where healing and spirituality is carried forward by the shamans-healers, shaman-teachers, and shaman-priests, the practical aspect is easily noticeable and any imposter can be easily identified by their failures or can be easily recognized by their peers. Therefore, such localized societal systems based on people of verifiable individual skills passed through apprenticeship, direct communication and oral knowledge, tend to be:

*** Self-Repairing and Anti-Fragile ***

I think the social revolution we are going to experience will completely transform the priesthood, teachers, healers and local electable leadership, as people realize that the modernized version of the broadly understood meritocracy-based shamanism will work much better that the old system based on the old style institutionalized credentialism.

Stan (Heretic) Bleszynski

Buckhorn 2-March-2021 (updated 3-March-2021)



Sunlight heals Human Kundalini ‘Snake’ when a protective Shield is removed!


Elements of the symbolism:

1.Human body – represented by a column containing a snake like animal spiralling up from a base of the spine sitting on the ground, to the top of the body. The Snake is wrapped in a tinfoil-like shield all around it

2. Idea of a dissonance & disease – indicated by the presence of multiple vibrations/overtones rather than a single pure tone. The Snake is emanating a multitude of vibrations. The snake is diseased and weak showing as multitude of “worms”, parasites and black dirt stuck on the sick “snake”.

3. Healing – opening up/ripping off the foil shield from around the snake, opening up exposing it to bright Sunlight, healing the Snake instantaneously and changing its vibration to a pure strong single tone sound. Image appeared of worms immediately falling off the Snake into the ground where they were reabsorbed, once the shield was ripped open and when the Snake was exposed to the Light. It was seen happening simultaneously in many Humans. The residual black dirt was then quickly washed off the Snake with Water.


Kundalini/Snake represents the Human Life force, both in spirit and body which has been infiltrated by parasitic infection because of the mental and physical shield placed around it, shielding it from the healing and nurturing spirit of the Sun and its physical Light energy. The shield was originally meant to protect body and spirit from aggression or attack but due to its prolonged presence, it allowed parasitic lifeforms (both physical and non-physical thoughtforms) to infect the body and spirit (i.e. the “Snake”) because the shield blocked out the Light.

We are dealing with deleterious and the spiritual, mental and physical effects of the shielding.

The Tinfoil Shield symbolises (A) a form of spiritual protection that is not permeable to the Light. Notices that only the Light (Electromagnetic) energy beings can be affected and shielded away, by means of the energy shields. Shields don’t work for other non-physical non-electromagnetic life-forms. The shield may conceivably also allow some some low energy parasitic electromagnetic life-forms by shielding them from the high vibrating Light Vortex. A better, more effective method for choosing one’s experience other than using the light shields, is by vibrating -in or or vibrating-out of the events of one’s life.

The Shield also symbolizes (B) the excessive physical clothing, spending too much time indoors, prolongued exposure to cloudy or dark weather, useage of sun-blocking skin creams, or anything in general that may block the Sunlight, resulting in the detrimental physical deficiencies in the human body. For example: deficiency of vitamin D3, disruption of melatonin, a higher susceptibility to skin cancer etc.

Heretic, Buckhorn 16-Oct-2020


Russia, USA and the Ukraine

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

This is a pure speculation based on logic and reason.  I don’t mind if you call it “conspiracy theory”.  Assume hypothetically that the events that took place between Russia and the USA since 2008, until 2016 were not random but instead, were agreed upon and pre-planned by both countries.

Beginning with the Georgian attempt in 2008 to regain control of their break-way province of South Osetia from Russia-backed separatists and an ensuing short war, a deal was (hypothetically) forged between the US and Russian presidents to manage all subsequent conflicts. The public was only partially informed of this deal, named  “The Reset”.

The key point of the deal would have been a pre-agreed division of influence and carving out of the spheres of influence rather than an all out conflict or war.

  1.  Georgia 2008.  The probable US-Russia resolution of the Russian-Georgian war was that the US agreed that Russia will keep South Osetia and Abhasia and US will keep Georgia outside NATO in return for ceasefire and leaving Georgia alone without an interference from either side.  The deal seemed to have been partially and subtly undermined by Russia in 2013 by massive financial support behind the major pro-Russian political party Georgian Dream headed by Giorgi Margvelashvili, that resulted in ousting and subsequent expulsion in 2013 or 2014 of the former pro-European/pro-US president Mikheil Saakashvili.
  2. Blowing up of Polish government plane in 2010 carrying most of the prominent conservative and right-wing Polish politicians and elite, killing all 96 people.  It is not certain who planted the bomb but multiple subsequent investigations seem to demonstrate an intriguing pattern of coverups, media deception or uncooperativness exhibited by the Russian aviation authorities and by NATO countries (for example,  unavailability to this day of satellite surveillance pictures from the US satellites)  and also a curious suppression of investigations by the former Polish government. [1]
  3. Ukraine 2014. The events that led to an overthrow of the Ukrainian president Yanukovich are unclear but recently disclosed document involving activities of the former US vice president Biden and his ilk in the Ukraine in 2013-2016 seem to indicate a heavy involvement of US-trained operatives and perhaps direct operation of the US “Charlie India Alpha” agency in the street fighting that took place in Kiev (Maidan), and in the subsequent installation of the pro US president Poroshenko.   A mysterious unconfirmed information surfaced, alleging that the US command has authorized assassination by agents of about 99 demonstrators in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, to help spark the riots.  Notice that the similar “up to 100” pre-authorisation (presumably by the pre-2016 US government) seemed to have been in-effect during the C_A – conducted drone strikes in the middle East, for example against some village parties and public gatherings in Yemen.  It appears that the pre-negotiated (between the US and Russia) price for changing the Ukrainian government was partition of the Ukraine allowing Russia to take over the Crimea peninsula and the Donbas region.  Donbas takeover seemed to have succeeded only partially due to an unexpected resistance put up by the Ukrainian nationalist militia movement (in defiance to the Ukrainian president Poroshenko).

I am only describing the events taking place in the Eastern Europe that seem to point towards some kind of cooperative pattern between the US and Russia.  I have skipped the Middle East because I do not really fully understand what was really happening there behind the scenes, during the same period, other than there was some kind of proxy war going on between US and Russia which significantly changed its character and pattern after the 2016 US election.  It probably indicates that the prior “Reset” deal of the period 2008-2016 may have been replaced by another one since 2016.

Stan (Heretic)

Buckhorn, August 2020


My Insights on Mediugorye

This was received from my High Self when I just woke up this morning.

“Information passed on to participants of Mediugorye sessions is intentionally vacuous and carries usually no real contents in order to make people ask questions, to make them wake up themselves enough to be able to reject garbage theories, religious dogma, preconceived false beliefs and noise before they will be able to establish the true meaningful communication.”

The reason for this approach is the negative experience following a communication that took place at Fatima in 1918 when the messages were distorted and partially suppressed because people involved were not able to overcome their dogmatic beliefs and acquiesced, playing along with the  institutional control and censorship.

Transmissions passed at Mediugorye are intentionally dressed up as coming from supposedly religious idols and consist of repetitions in order to make people realize by themselves the nonsense of it and start asking real questions, in order to begin an actual true communication.

The true meaning of Mediugorye messages is not in their “trashy” contents but in the very fact that they take place.  They true meaning of Mediugorye is:

“We are here and we are ready, let us know when YOU are ready so we can start talking!”

Stan (Heretic) Bleszynski,  Buckhorn 19/05/2020


Hildegard von Bingen and Project Europe

(English translation follows)

Zetknąłem się ze świadomością Hildegardy von Bingen przypadkiem poprzez przekaz jaki miał miejsce jakieś 6 lat temu (około roku 2014 go). To był przekaz nie audio-wizualny (“księżycowy” – podaję dla tych którzy znają tego typu terminy), podczas snu.  Przekazała informację o tym że bardzo ważne wydarzenia zaczęły się dziać w Niemczech, że kraj właśnie przechodzi do cyklu matriarchatu i potrzebuje w tym pewnej pomocy ażeby się obudzić, oraz że narody Niemiec zaczną odkrywać swoje prawdziwe korzenie i to ma jakiś związek ze Słowianami.  Również dotyczy to pochodzenia samej Hildegardy) ale znaczenia tego nie jestem pewien.

Zdałem sobie ostatnio sprawę że kontakt z Hildegardą nawiązało wiele innych osób z Polski i innych krajów, w tym samym czasie, lecz bardzo mało z nich odważa się mówić o tym otwarcie bez zbędnego bagażu religijnego.

Zainspirowany prez Hildegardę, przez ostatnie kilka lat gromadziłem sporadycznie różnego typu informacje o ukrytej lecz prawdziwej historii Europy kompilując źródła własne oparte na metodach parapsychicznych, własnej pamięci reinkarnacyjnej, źródeł tradycyjnych historycznych ale inaczej interpretowanych, ogólnie dostępnych badań genetycznych (mapy Y-DNA i mtDNA)  oraz biorąc pod uwagę również prace historyków alternatywnych takich jak prof. Anatolij Fomienko.

Przez ostatni rok, zgromadziłem na tyle dużo informacji podczas medytacji że postanowiłem pewne rzeczy zacząć porządkować po czym publikować.  Ponieważ informacje historyczne są zawsze wielowątkowe wymagające poukładania bardzo dużej liczby szczegółów, wymaga to dużo więcej pracy niż jestem w stanie sam wykonać w rozsądnym okresie czasu.

Proszę więc o nawiązanie współpracy, szczególnie od osób które mają doświadczenie w metodach parapsychicznych (lub przynajmniej są na to otwarte) ale również potrafią posługiwać się logika i czują ważność tematu!  Proszę odpisać w komentarzach na blogu.

Stan (Heretyk) Błeszyński

English translation

I encountered the consciousness of Hildegard von Bingen in a dream that took place about 6 years ago (around 2014). It was a non-audio-visual message (I would use the word “lunar way” for those who are familiar with these terms).  She conveyed an information that some very important events had begun to happen in Germany, that the country was just transitioning to matriarchy cycle and needed some help to wake the people up.  That the peoples of Germany would start to discover their true roots, and that it has some connection with the Slavs.  This also hinted at the origin of Hildegard herself  but I’m not sure the meaning of it.

I recently realized that many people in Poland and other countries have made similar contacts or connected with Hildegard at the same time, but very few of them seem to be willing to talk about it openly without invoking some religious baggage.

Inspired by Hildegard, I have, over the last few years,  gathered all sorts of information about the hidden but true history of Europe.  I gathered and compiled it in form of written drafts as well as thoughts and ideas.  I used my own research, partially based on psychic methods. I used my own reincarnational memories, used traditional historical sources although often interpreted differently than in the standard texbooks.  I have used generally available genetic research (Y-DNA and mtDNA maps of Europe ) and I am also taking into account the work of alternative historians such as Prof. Anatolyi Fomienko.

Over the last year, I have gathered enough information in my meditations that I decided to start tidying it up and then  perhaps publish in posts and articles.  Since historical information is always multithreaded, requiring very large number of details to be sorted out –  it needs a lot more work than I am able to do on my own within a reasonable time.

So I would like to invite people to establish a closer cooperation, especially from people who have experience in using psychic methods for research (or at least are open to it) , who have good logic skills and can sense the importance of this topic!  Please post as comments below.

Stan (Heretic) Bleszynski


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